At Two in a Tree you will find a busy little art studio and a music recording studio under its' canopy.


The Art Studio is run by me, Sarah. It is a place where I can allow my imagination to flow out onto paper. My love of trees, nature, colour, shape and their interactions, is woven throughout my work. 

After many years it is time to allow the creativity that has been bubbling away quietly … freedom!     I love to work in a variety of mediums including watercolour, pencil, graphite and ink. My art, so far, is available here as cards and archival quality prints. 

The Music Studio is run by Fabian. Our passion is to create new original music to send out to the world. We are working on the release of our first album together.

We both love singing and the joy of creating something together that's everlasting. We have so much fun in the studio together and want to share the magic of music with everyone!!